What is the Social Changemakers Network?

The Social Changemakers Network (SCN) is a community of school and community clubs that are working to create more inclusive schools and communities by addressing issues of discrimination and inequity.

What does the Social Changemakers Network do?

The SCN will provide tools, resources and a community for student clubs working to create social change across Canada to come together, collaborate, learn and connect. This is also a space for clubs to amplify their messages, get ideas and meet other individuals and clubs in their region, province or across Canada.

Some activities include:

  • Connect with a Harmony Movement facilitator to lead a session on making social change with your club
  • Participate in our week by week guided action planning webinar series
  • Promote your local initaitives and events
  • Get special access to conferences and additional learning opportunities and workshops
  • Our club is focused on _______ issue. Can we still participate?

    The Social Changemakers Network is for any student clubs working to create positive social change on any topic from homophobia, racism, creating more accessible spaces, general inclusion. Rainbow Clubs, Diversity Clubs, Me to We Clubs, and any other club that wants to create a more inclusive school or community are wwelcome to join!

    What is Social Changemakers Week?

    Social Changemakers Week (May 10-14, 2022) is a week of learning and action events. This year's theme is focused around food security and mental health - clubs that join the network will get access to initiative templates for these issues. During this week we will celebrate all the work student clubs have done throughout the year through social media, prizes and contests. We'll host virtual events with guest speakers and announce the theme for next year.

    We are in! How do we sign up?