Social Changemakers

We empower youth across Canada to be leaders for social change and take action to address discrimination and inequity to create a more just, inclusive society.

Who We Are

Social Changemakers are youth leaders from across Ontario who are working towards creating social change locally, nationally and globally. Through the Harmony Movement-Social Changemakers Program youth are trained to critically analyze the world they live and given the tools to learn how to identify current issues, create inativites, and how to take action.

Social Changemakers Network

Join a community of passionate youth from across Canada who are committed to driving forward social change to create more just, caring and inclusive communities.

By joining the network you'll get access to experts on action planning and equity issues, unique learning opportunities, and promote your own work within a larger community of changemakers.

What We Do

This website is a platform for youth to engage, interact and learn from one another. Here, you will find resources and tips that will help motivate and inspire you to fight against discrimination and social injustices happening in our world.


Recognizing that we are all different and valuing that difference.


Making sure everyone has what they need to reach the same outcomes.


Making sure everyone has a seat and a say at the table, and are accepted as fully themselves.


Knowing that you can make a difference and you can make change.


Working and taking action to end inequity.


Actively listening and making space for other voices.

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